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"Convertible" Camping Fan will Keep You COOL

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I LOVE Camping… But steaming like a lobster in a pot with NO RELIEF is the worst - especially at night.  This CAMPING CEILING FAN is the PERFECT solution to steamy hot days (and stuffy, humid nights) when camping.

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I’ve tested it & this lightweight and weather resistant camping ceiling fan cools effectively in tents that sleep up to 8. (For bigger tents I recommend multiple units).  And for a person like me that sweats ALL THE TIME the personal fan function is ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the bright LED lights stay COOL (because it doesn’t heat up like traditional lanterns) so the light doesn’t make the fan move even hotter air.

  • Effectively COOLS DOWN tents that sleep up to 8

  • Great to bring to the pool and stay cool while watching the kids

  • Weather resistant so you can take it out in the rain

  • Easily converts from ceiling fan to personal fan

  • GREAT to use while cooking

  • BRIGHT LED lights stay cool and won’t heat up tent (like traditional lanterns can)

  • Helps you sleep like a baby by keeping the air moving

  • Use fan and light independently or together

  • Light up dark bathhouses easily

  • STURDY construction that lasts

  • Amazing relief from the HEAT as a personal cooling device

  • No outlets needed - runs for many HOURS on two DD batteries

  • Super easy to use AND effective

  • Lights your entire tent AND cools at the same time!

  • Lights up paths for walking the dogs at night

  • Perfect light for hanging from the ceiling - it shines STRAIGHT DOWN (not out)

  • Hang from curtain rod at home when the power goes out



1. 18 Super Bright LONG LASTING LED Bulbs
2. Runs on 2 D Batteries that are EASY to change
3. Up to 37 hours of light from 1 set of batteries
4. Up to 50 hours of fan (low speed) or 30 hours (high speed) from 1 set of batteries
5. Up to 16 hours of light and fan (low speed) from a set of batteries
6. Hangs as a fan OR a lamp (or both)
7. Stands as a fan
8. Weather resistant
9. Build in handle with hanging hook
10. Lightweight and portable
11. Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches

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Convertable camping fan

Great product. Very useful. Batteries last a decent time.

Camping fan

Expect to try out this weekend!!!